A Brief Introduction

Kim and I on our bicycles

My name is Kyle Vines and I have been traveling through Europe (Portugal, Spain, France and Holland) with my girlfriend, now fiance, Kimberly since the 31st of March 2011. Together we decided to see the world and figured that the best way for us to do so would be to travel via bicycle. Starting in capital city of Lisboa, Kim and I have cycled our way through the Lisbon, Alentejo, and Algarve regions of Portugal before heading east towards Spain.

I will have to recount our travels through Portugal in a later post because this is only an introduction and we have so many great things to say about the wonderfully beautiful country where we are so lucky to have started our journey.

After being on the road and constantly moving for a month and a half we volunteered just outside of la Llacuna, Spain  for a fine wine touring company. Kim and I travelled through Sevilla, Madrid and Barcelona on our way to get here and are so happy to trade labor for a nice place to stay, sleep and eat for a three week stretch. Accounts of our time in Spain will also be addressed at a later date.

Spent 3 months in France living it up and are now in Northern Europe.

Continue to follow us as we prepare for our next challenge. Kim and I will be cycling another 1,000 miles from Amsterdam to Rome. Beginning at the end of October we will be back on the road experiencing life from the saddle as we traverse Holland, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

We can’t wait to bring you more tales from the road in the coming months.


2 responses to “A Brief Introduction

  1. Awesome, a very unique way to see the world! Gives you a lot of liberty as well. Wish you two the best, I will be following along!

    Andy (From BackpackingDiplomacy.com)

    • Thanks Andy! It is a great way to travel slowly and take in all that the land you are wandering through has to offer. Thanks for following!

      And we love what you are doing with Backpacking Diplomacy!


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