Perfect Dining Experience in Barcelona

It was our second and final weekend in Barcelona and we decided to make it a good one. We got a place right on the beach for the evening and after a day in the sun we wanted to go out enjoy the town. The weather in Spain had it out for us since crossing the border from Portugal and this night  was no different.

Rain came driving down sideways across our path as we wandered up the streets of our favorite Spanish city. Though both Kim and I were starving we pressed on deeper and deeper into town finding excuses to pass eateries along the way. “That one is too bright.” “The people don’t look friendly in there.” “I just don’t have a good feeling about that one.” We fought the driving rain off with a recently purchased umbrella as we wound our way back and forth through the cobblestone streets until we found it.

Situated neatly on a corner there was a wine bar named La Ventana that caught our attention. It may have been the glow of warm soft light coming from the window, the sound of jazz music finding its way into the streets or maybe the fact that we were wet and hungry and this particular bar had vins and tapas as its main selling points. Whatever the case, we decided that this was the one.

Bar La Ventana’s interior was a mixture of organic and modern styles. Blending contemporary stainless steel and white marble with traditional wood tones and black accents. It had a dark wood beamed ceiling and beautiful bar with amber backlighting inviting you to the spirits nestled within its warmth.

We had recently discovered the glories of Cava and started with a bottle of Cristalino. As soon as we popped the top we were both more than satisfied with the decision to enjoy our last night in Barcelona at this perfect little place in the world. The feelings of joy and comfort covered us like a blanket, warming every bit of our being. The live jazz artist in the corner played a melody that heightened the magical atmosphere and we were sent to a place that few people get to visit. Food nirvana.

Kim and I dined on marinated smoked salmon, crisp homemade bread,  fresh olives and the best queso Spain has to offer. Manchego cheese was buttery and smooth with complimentary nutty and herbal flavors blended in. It was amazing. By this time we had polished off the Cava and decided to move on to something different. After asking the restaurant owner what she suggests, a bottle of Sin Palabras was brought to the table.

We wanted to keep on the path of white wines and are so happy that we did. This light straw-colored wine made from the Alberino grape in Galacia was absolutely gorgeous. It was so smooth and creamy, like a little silk blanket for your tongue. The strong exotic fruits making it as much of a joy to smell as it was to drink. But it wasn’t to complex and we could still catch the fresh grape flavors coming through. A joy to drink.

We finish our evening with a wonderfully prepared desert,a couple expressos, full bellies and an amazing dining experience. Bar La Ventana is doing something right and we hope that we will be lucky enough to bask in its dining glory once more.


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