Russians Rushed Out

Strange night on the volunteering front. Kim and I worked all day outside, picking up the Russian’s slack. Our two volunteering companions have been complaining about the amount of work that we are expected to do from day 1.

We like the work. There is nothing quite like building up a hard sweat during the day and then getting rewarded for it with a big meal and plenty of fine wines to enjoy in the evening.

We moved one pile of sticks to another pile of sticks to start the day. After several small tasks had been completed Kim mowed the property and I rotivated the last of the 3 orchards. Work was done at 5pm and after relaxing for about an hour we came in to help with dinner.

Shortly after starting the prep work an argument started between Anthony and Margarita. Things were said about the amount of work and the quality of the food, but Kim and I avoided the confrontation like the plague.

By the time it was all said and done the 2 Russian girls were asked to leave and dinner was an hour late. The last week of our volunteering was done with only ourselves as company, that has never been a problem.

I think that we will benefit from less negativity and will get a larger portions of food and more wine to enjoy at dinner.


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