The Road is Calling

After three weeks at the Wine Pleasures compound Kim and I have gotten a major case of cabin fever. The road is calling out for us and I want to answer. Like the wolves song to the moon our call seems spiritual in some undefined way. And every day that we are in this location we can feel the bad chi trying to find its way into our lives.

Kim and I won’t let it happen. We can’t be held down. Tomorrow we break the ties and head north to France where we will be cycling towards our next volunteering location. Unlike our current place in the world the next is a spiritual retreat. It looks promising and we are excited about the chance to volunteer in a peaceful place that is full of healthy individuals.

The road is calling and we will answer. We are packing our bags tonight and rolling our fully load bicycles out of the “estate” tomorrow. All we need is the love that sustains us and the will to continue moving forward in a positive direction. There is no doubt that more obstacle will find their way into our path but we will press on. It’s on old saying, “where there is a will, there is a way” and we have both the will and a map to show us the way to get the hell out of here.


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