Amazon Kindle Review

I gaze into the Amazon Kindle every single day. To be honest with you I have done so since I received it as a Christmas gift in 2010. The Kindle has turned me into an e-book worm. But how could it not.

I have just about every book that I could imagine literally at my fingertips, waiting on me seek it out and dive into the realms previously undiscovered. And I do. But the true value of this little bit of miracle technology was shown to me as I began to travel.

To date, I have traversed 3 countries and while doing so the Kindle has shown me that it is really a tool. It’s more than a leisurely device that would only be used during down time back in the states. I look at the Kindle in the same way that I look at my pocket knife and wouldn’t go anywhere without it.

The Kindle has Whispernet which allows me to pick up cellular service from any nearby tower, for FREE! And though the black and white e-ink screen looks surreal while browsing the web it is quite functional.

I use it to check my email account, with an easy shortcut to Loading the basic html version of the page gets you around the fact that Google would usually refresh every couple of minutes, which normally makes emailing impossible.

The Whispernet browser also allows you to have access to Google Translate. This has saved us several times and is especially helpful to anyone travelling through a country with little knowledge of the local language.

Along with the free internet that allows me to access and update my blog, Twitter and Facebook pages, I also have subscriptions to several magazines that I can read on the road and as I said before, tons of books. I don’t use the mp3 player unless I have run out of every other option but is nice to know that it’s there.

With an average battery life of over a week (up to month if I stay off-line) the Amazon Kindle has been looked at by these eyes every single day. It will continue to be used until the sad day comes that it meets its end, in some way that I dare not imagine.

So, in my humble opinion I would recommend this device to absolutely everyone who likes to read, travel, or is just to lazy to walk to a store and pick up a new book. I mean it literally holds just about all the collective knowledge that we humans have gathered so far on its little e-ink pages.


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