Two Weeks of Radiant Light

We have now come to the end of our volunteer work at the Radiant Light Retreat. After two weeks I cannot help but feel proud of the work that we did here. Kim and I have poured our sweat all over this place moving the earth and rocks, cutting the grass and de-weeding the property among many other rigorous tasks. But the work was never difficult. It may have been hard work, but it wasn’t hard to do.

It’s really nice to see the transformation that has taken place. It hasn’t been instant gratification, but rather a slow and rigorous process. The property has revealed itself to be a wonder of gorgeous blooming flowers of countless vivid colors,  patch works of fruitful vegetation bearing all sorts of delectable delights and an all around perfect place to lose yourself in the natural world. The satisfaction at the end of our volunteer work here has been fulfilling on many levels. It is very pleasing to know that it took little more than focus and man power to shape the land around us. And those things, the focus on physical labor in particular seems to be especially good for the soul. I feel much calmer now at the end of the volunteer stint here than I did at the beginning.

Tomorrow we ready ourselves for the road once more. And I believe that we will be traveling in better shape mentally and physically than we were when we arrived. Thank you very much to our hosts Kate and Robert for providing us with such comfortable and welcoming accommodations. Especially thanks to Kate for keeping us well fed with a wonderful mix of healthy vegetarian and Mediterranean dishes. And to Robert for healing up a couple of things whilst we stayed here. I was stung by a wasp a couple of days ago and my hand swelled to the size of a grapefruit but Roberts remedies fixed me right up.

Now all we have left to do is enjoy a wonderful dinner with our new-found friends, a little bit of packing and planning then we will be set to depart on Sunday morning. We are ready for the road once more and will be travelling with a little bit of radiant light shining on us as we continue to move forward in our journey.

Check out all of our pictures of our time at the Radiant Light Retreat!


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