When good times meet a hard budget

We knew that this day would come. Having exhausted a large portion of our budget and find ourselves looking for the bare bones, cheapest way to get to our next location. Amsterdam is the goal and 200 Euros is at the high end of the budget.

If we road our bikes the whole way doing 30mi a day we could be there in 19 or 20 days. And if we add the cost of camping and food up to make a $35 daily budget it would end up costing nearly $700 to get there. We could always cut out the camping costs and just live on the wild side the whole way up there, but the cost of food is still nearly budget breaking.

There is always the option to fast track our travels and hop on the nearest train. From Annecy to Paris for the two of us would be about $200 and then double that if not more to get ourselves and our bikes up to Amsterdam. The plus side for the budget is that we would be there in a day and wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of food for the trip.

There are a few problems with this. We would miss loads of country side and the experiences that come with traveling long distances by bike and we would either have to remain at our current location or find another volunteer spot somewhere near by for at least another month. The lay-over is so that we would be on time for our potentially paying work at the end of September and our whole reason for trying to get that far north. One good thing about taking the train is that we would get an hour to see Paris which we would otherwise miss. But I am not sure that the short amount of time would be worth it.

There is a 3rd option that we have only just started to consider, though we did discuss it before the onset of our journey. As much as it pains me to think about it, Kim and I could try to sale our bikes and any other valuables we may be able to part with and take on the next phase of our adventure on foot. We would have to purchase backpacks, but besides that the extra cash and easily hitchhike-able country may make it worth it.

Times are not at all desperate but if we want to continue along this crazy road in which we have decided to travel we have to make some hard decisions. Our time on the road will be great no matter how we decide to take it on. We have to consider every possible option and love that we have the opportunity to make these kinds of decisions. Oh what to do, what to do?


One response to “When good times meet a hard budget

  1. Well, amsterdam is a fun place to visit, but def make sure to check out Alblasserdam. I did a bike ride through the country side there, and it was really beautiful. Lots of windmills…typical holland-esque. And in all honesty, Amsterdam is THE bike capital. I would want my bikes with me if I were you guys. Do yall have working visas? You will definitely need money to buy lots of Stroopwaffles in Amsterdam….good luck!

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