First Overnight Bike Trip

This is the First time that I ever loaded up my bike and took an overnight camping trip.

It was an absolutely gorgeous winter evening and I had just successfully ridden my Surly Long Haul Trucker fully loaded for a full day. I got to take in a side of Louisiana that I had experienced many times but through an entirely new perspective. Though my legs were sore and teeth numb from sucking in cold winter air I was automatically hooked to bicycle travel from the start.

The night was cold and i barely slept. Being on the wrong side of the levee had me checking the flood warnings and river levels on my iPhone all night. The constant swooshing of the water against the shore should have calmly tucked me in, but instead they kept me buzzing with nervous excitement. I had overcome the first challenge and anticipated all of the adventures that would take place in the future.

The following morning after taking my time to enjoy a cup of hot coffee and a Louisiana sunrise over the Mississippi, a local sheriff pulled his SUV over the levee, rolled down his drivers side window and asked me about my night out camping. After explaining my plan to ride my bike across Europe he looked at me with wide open eyes and wished me good luck on the journey. That somehow made the first full day feel complete and a smile was fixed on my face as I finished packing up my kit.


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