27 October 2011

Awoke with bio clock. Took an hour for water to boil, but enjoyed hot coffee (instant) and sunrise meditation. The orange glow of the rising sun flowed across the river and flooded into our tent giving everything an orange bath of light.

My day has started out great. Kim started and her clothes are still wet so this isn’t great for her. Wishing that there was more I could do.

I do this really annoying thing. I repeat myself over and over again until Kim gets what I’m saying. Need to stop.

Extremely frustrated: Neither card worked. Luckily we had enough change €12.64. No phone cord equals no more pictures. Not leaving until 10 am.

Feeling better on the road. ATM card worked so we now have €50. And feeling a little better about the lack of connectivity. Still going to miss pictures.

Got lady stuff figured out. The store clerk thought Kim stole it, but obviously she had not. And now we all feel better.

PB&Js by the Rhine at 11:45 am. Nice. We then rode through a nice town and got an iPhone cord and feel great. €10 is worth being able to take photos of the trip.

Lunch at a picnic table after a ferry ride. The second boat ride of the day. We had a nice talk with a German man who was flying a kite with his wife and daughter. “World by bike. I wish you good days”. Nice guy. Hope that is a good sign of things to come in Germany.

Officially in Germany! 4:43 pm on 27 October. Riding in Germany is good. Mostly dirt road near rivers. Feeling strong after hitting over 200 miles in 4 days.

It started to get dark and we were running out of places to wild camp. Had ideas but nothing solid. I had just marked a potential spot behind a corn field in the GPS when I heard a lady calling out to us. By her body language I could see that it was positive. I turned around a rode up to her. And in broken English she explained that she and her husband, Peter, would let us camp in their partially completed garage. AMAZING. Perfect timing. She used her hands to make a tent symbol and started repeating “No pay! No pay!”

She explained with a giant smile that the garage would be warmer than out in the open. This is awesome. May even get to take showers.

Kim- “What a perfect end to the day!”

The day wasn’t over. Super nice hot shower, shaved face and clean clothes.

Then an awesome dinner of fried eggs and bacon, breads, cheeses, tomatoes and loads more. And great tea.

Maria called up her son Thomas, who spoke great English, and we had a cool conversation. She then brought out photo albums and shared tales of her pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain and so much more. So warm and caring. She also told of other travellers passing through and the hospitality that she showed to them.

Maria talked about a couple that was travelling with a “monkey”. She explained that the monkey grazed on the grass around the house for two days. And after the pictures came out we realized that is was a “donkey”.  Still cool story.

And now we sleep. In our tent in a warm garage.


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