Goodbyes, Loose Cows and Free Camping

28 October 2011

We had a great breakfast and hot coffee with Maria and Peter. He had to leave early but their daughter Astrict and nearly one year old grand-daughter stopped by. Astrict spoke perfect English, so it was nice to be able to truly express our gratitude.

These are truly and honestly beautiful people. We have to keep in touch. Big hugs and then goodbyes.

Rolling well but a little slower than usual as most roads are rock and gravel. Getting warms so we had to shed our coats. Didn’t expect that. Piss is clear so I am staying hydrated. Still cool enough for our water bottles to stay cold.

Rough roads are taking their toll. Got a puncher, but not bad. Patched it up and we are off once more. Must be lady bug season because they are everywhere. A close encounter of the Moo kind as calves escape to get to the greener grass.

Kim thought the momma moo was going to charge her.

Dark chocolate soothes the soul.

Found a gas station  with air just in time. The first real hill near the end of our first full day in Germany.

Throat dry from gasping breaths. Legs, calves and hams sore on the way up. Brow shines with sweat and arms itch in my wool shirt. The cool breeze is so nice. Getting ready for the alps!

Did 50 miles again today! And for the second day in a row we get to camp for free.

After walking around some woods scoping out wild camping we decided to keep moving. Kim headed up a hill, but I saw a man with his dog and decided to ask if there was any place near by that we could camp. He then said, “yeah, right here” after making sure that it was only for one night.

Now we start to cook during a beautiful German sunset. Tonight is Spaghetti night.

Good dinner. Full bellies. Warm tent. Sweet baby. Good night.


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