Ride the River Rijn, 1st Bratwurst and Fingers Crossed for Free Camping

30 October 2011

Waking up a little late to the sound of drizzly rain spraying our tarp. Super misty in this small mountain range near the Rijn. Took this morning off. It felt really nice to chill in the tent and eat a good hot lunch before hitting the road. We have been killing mileage so it’s all good. And we are only €16 over budget, which isn’t great but better than we thought. Now we ride out and head back down the Rijn.

Started the day with front tire a little low so we made a detour to a gas station. Filled up the front but when I went to put air in the rear tire it let all of the air out. So now I am out €2 with a completely flat back tire. And the machine still didn’t work after I slammed the hose on the ground a few times. Weird. I thought that would work.  Hope gas guy can help figure it out,

Need to calm down. Got furious. Got some air in the tire. The valve on the tube is the problem. Hope to get a new one very soon before it slows us down to much.

Muuh-Geey. It is down right hot and humid today. I have never wanted to just be home as much as I did an hour ago, but I didn’t expect Louisiana weather to show up.

Tire seems to be doing okay and we will be in a big town shortly. Hope that it holds up ’till then. Just got to stay positive, keep my head up and keep pushing.

Made it to Kolbenz, DE, but it was a weird visit. After a week of little crowd interaction we found ourselves in the middle of a bustling city, complete with street musicians, that were great (guitar and flute especially) and instead of hot dogs we treated ourselves to a bratwurst brodie with mustard. Oh so good.

We then found a McDonald’s but they didn’t have wifi, so we settled for a chocolate sundae. Got back on track and looked for a grocery store and found one that was closed.  So we ended up leaving town feeling a little strange having gotten nothing that we needed done.

So we continued on. And on. Then it got dark. The first campground was closed. No wild camping and we just kept riding. Luckily Kimmy keeps high spirits and lifts mine with her fun and funny songs.

Finally found a campground but there was no one at reception. I left a note and we got set up. Ate hot museli and now we rest. Long day.


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