Photo Essay: Bouldering Morrison, CO

A few weeks ago we decided to take a short trip to Morrison, CO to do some bouldering. The area is famous for the Red Rocks Amphitheater and an abundance of summer concerts. This trip was a no summer show.


The high temperature on this particular day was hovering around 18 degrees fahrenheit. There was amazing friction on the rock. It was an odd sensation, trusting numb fingers to stick to two finger crimps, but it worked. Kim may think that it worked a bit to well.


When she popped off a problem her fingers did not get the memo. She shredded to fingers and bled , a lot. But being the bad ass that she is, a little packed snow and a smile carried her through.

The climbing was slow, but the scenery was awe inspiring.




We didn’t climb too much that day. Even so, the experience was amazing. The wind being the only disturbance in the still and silent boulder field, the cold wrapping around us, and great company on the journey made this an amazingly memorable experience.


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