Help Us Get to Red Rocks Rendezvous

A wise man once told Kyle that writing in the third person becomes second nature. So here he goes. Kyle and his future wife Kimberly (THEY GET MARRIED MARCH 16, 2013!) moved to Denver, CO to be near the rocks. It just so happens that their current neighborhood near the State Capital has plenty of dealers. This is not the same type of rock that brought them north to the mountains of the Colorado’s Front Range. They crave the hard, finger crushing kind of rocks that take serious balls to conquer. Kimberly and Kyle are addicted to the rocks they climb.

Kyle and Kimberly are better known, if known at all, for their travel exploits. They cycle, a lot. Across countries and states. They pedal and hardly look back. These two crazy fools have taken this same road of reckless abandon and entered the world of climbing. Kyle has memories of the first time at a climbing wall in Colorado. He put on the uncomfortable shoes, watched the seemingly expert climbing compatriots, then took off the shoes and walked away embarrassed and ashamed.

They have come a long way since then. Kyle’s finger tips are now callused. He has blood blisters where once there were none. He has dreams of sending. Kyle is consumed by the earth that surrounds him and wants nothing more than the climb. He yells from the top, “Look. Look. I am here. How the hell did I do that?” He still doesn’t know.

Fear of taking whippers has been replaced by disappointment for not making the move. So, What Kyle is trying to say is that he is making the move now. To win this essay contest. To take a 2nd honeymoon at the 10th anniversary of Red Rocks Rendezvous. So come on. Pick Kyle. | Click Here to Help Us Get There! Vote for Kyle!



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