Gear Review: Evolv Cruzer


The Evolv Cruzer is the most eye catching approach shoe on the market. With it’s low profile design and variety of colors the Cruzer took a page out of Toms’ book in designing this light-weight and extremely comfortable approach shoe.

I wore the Evolv Cruzer as every day kicks for three months. The shoe is extremely comfortable and performed great in every situation, from walking around downtown, to sketchy approaches in Rocky Mountain National Park. The rubber is extremely sticky and gives you peace of mind when tackling tough scrambles to the crag.

The shoe fits well enough to wear for warm up bouldering problems and messing around in climbing gyms. I had heard that they construction of the Cruzer lacked durability, but after three months the only issue with my pair was the rubber adhesive coming unglued on the back. A little shoe goo or super glue solved that issue.


My Cruzers after three months and many miles.

Overall: The shoe is light-weight, very comfortable, and looks great. The durability is the only negative factor, but wasn’t as bad as I was told it would be. And at the $74.95 the Cruzers are a great buy.

Comfort: A+
Durability: C
Style: A+
Final Grade: B+

Best Use: The Evolv Cruzer is at its best on the approach to the crag. Its light-weight design make it perfect for strapping to your harness on a multi-pitch climb and wearing on the return hike down.


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