Uncommon Economics: Different Wants, Needs & Desires


I am slowly figuring out that I may be uncommon. I am uncommon in my daily wants and desires. My needs seem to be different than those that are implicit in society. I find that I only want cash to pay for the ride to the next destination and cold beer upon arrival. I invest not in stocks or 401Ks, but in climbing equipment, packs to haul shit into the back country and bikes to carry myself and my wife across countless borders. The thing is that I feel completely and totally comfortable with this. I know that I am in no position to purchase a home, but I don’t want one of those. How could I with so much world to see. If anything I just want to afford the next plane ticket or better yet, a boat to sail away on. I feel that this makes me uncommon. I don’t quite fit in. I don’t feel like a square, but I know that I don’t fit in a predefined hole. The thing is. Well, I don’t know what it is. I just want to go. I want to explore. I need to remain untethered to worldly belongings and financial obligations. I need fresh earth under my feet. I desire roads that I have never traveled on before. My wants seem simple, natural to me. My desires are clearly grand to most. But all feels uncommon. Others don’t seem to grasp my motivation. What motivation is there but to discover. Not much in this world remains unclaimed. But to my eyes there is endless potential for the new, for the awe inspiring, for the uncomfortably strange. I want experience. I feel that knowledge is gained in this way. To that end I want to be knowledgeable above all else. Even this seems uncommon.
Written in a hammock overlooking San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

6 responses to “Uncommon Economics: Different Wants, Needs & Desires

    • It is working for us. I hope it goes well for you two! Yeah when we set out, we only had a couple of bicycles and a tent. Either way, the adventurous spirit lives on. Good luck in your journey!

  1. Hey Kyle!
    I’m so glad you sent this link over to me. Well, as you already know, I FEEL YOU MAN.
    I myself have never really felt like I fit into what, and for the sake of simplicity we can just call it Society, tells us will make us “happiest”. Maybe for some it is, but for me, nah, it just has never been that way for me since I was young. I’ve always been a little, uncommon as you put it.

    There are times I have struggled with this. Where I’ve tried to do the opposite, or where I’ve felt pressure to “give in”, but I’ve never been able to stick with the giving in part of it.
    I will say though, that reading posts like this and meeting other people be it in person or online that share this notion that they are uncommon, keeps me believing and psyched to stick with a less common path.

    Keep it up my man!!!
    – Lauren 🙂

    • We may be out numbered, but our tribe of wanderlust seeking travel addicts is strong! I am happy you dig the post. One of your blog post last week reflects the same sentiment! Once you get the adventure bug, you can’t shake it. And you can’t avoid it. Life without perpetual motion lacks the very essence of what we live for. We need to explore. And where would the world be without the wandering souls. I am Portuguese, so I blame, no thank, Columbus for my since of adventure. Get out and explore! ; )

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