Photo Essay: #Adventure4Life

When opportunities arise Kim and I jump. We live life to the fullest, as if each day were our last. When approached to take an adventure as part of a fundraiser for cancer survivors and fighters (I prefer the term cancer thrivers) we agreed with resounding enthusiasm. An adventure camp would be funded by our journey. These are the photos from the experience of taking an #Adventure4Life.

We intentionally took the hard road. We wanted to do the work.


Little did we know we would be climbing the most difficult cycling route to date. And we have cycled through the Pyrenees once and both the French and Austrian Alps.

At the top of the mountain, climbed at a steady 19% grade, we were met by a hail storm. In a pinch I set up camp, albeit illegally.
Soaked to the bone, I set up the tent in reverse. First the rain fly and then the tent from within. It was a tricky process, but I was so happy to finally be in a very cozy and dry shelter.
Starting the next day with dwindling spirits and a ticket for camping illegally was not foreseen.



Loading up on coffee and a long downhill ride made the day much better.


The rain came in the afternoon. It kept us company for the remainder of our adventure.

Kim keeps the good vibes rolling. Cancer sucks. What adversity?
What we thought would be a nice ride for a great cause ended up being one hell of an adventure. We overcame mountains, hail, rain, and a run in with the law. All of this added to the experience and made it even more rewarding. We are happy to have participated in the #Adventure4Life campaign. If you want to Donate, please feel free.

Travel Well


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