Crossing Croc River

I asked what it was like to cross the river. He said, “at low tide the water only goes up to you waist. You can walk across no problem.” We heard that there were crocodiles, so I asked about that. To this he replied, “Oh yeah, muy cocodrilos.” With a huge smile on his face he explained how much he loved crocs. Then his friend walked in, missing most of his right arm. We crosses at high tide and took the boat.


-Tamarindo, Costa Rica-

Kim is rocking the Vietnam 6 Raja Pack from Ethnotek in this photo. If you dig it and want to get you hands on one click here.


9 responses to “Crossing Croc River

  1. Wow! You’ve been all over! I really like this blog, at first, I thought it was a travel agency or something, I am jealous!

  2. Really enjoying this blog! Phenomenal photographs and wonderful adventures. You are quite the duo! Am looking forward to reading about all of your adventures thus far.

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