Wet & Wild Competition at Red Bull SlopeSoakers 2014

20140505-173934.jpgRed Bull cranked up the stoke on the traditional pond skim event by adding floating rails, huge kickers and glacial blue pools. A rowdy crew of nearly 100 skiers and snowboards showed up and pulled gnarly tricks in competing for prize money, swag and glory. 20140505-173845.jpg
Costumed competitors carved slopes and skimmed ponds in the 2014 Red Bull SlopeSoakers. 93 registrants converged at Copper Mountain to compete in this year’s pond skim inspired rail jam. 20140505-173940.jpg
The three tiered course featured four pools and a obstacles ranging from wall slides to floating rails. Wearing crazy costumes and day-glow throwback swag, competitors launched themselves into wicked spins and flips. 20140505-173949.jpg
One competitor from the nearby town of Breckenridge, said that both the course and the tricks that people were attempting to pull off the features were way more intense than in previous years. Another competitor from Dylan, Colorado said the course, “was absurd, the most fun course I have ever skied on. So nice to switch it up from real comps to jumping into water and getting wet and wild.”20140505-173956.jpg
Top prize went to Ethan Swadberg, earning him a pass to Copper Mountain and $500 cash purse among other swag. The other winners hailed from as far away as New York and include: Alexis Keeny, Mathew Coflan, Brandon Adam, and Condor Obrian.20140505-174002.jpg
There were sick flips and gnarly crashes. The Best Crash prize going to a sit skier named Brandon Adam, who’s gear exploded away from him upon impacting. When asked how it felt to win, Brandon stated, “How does it feel to when best crash? Not good, painful.” Luckily the crash did not result in serious injury. He continued by saying that this event was more nerve racking than when he competed in the X-Games.20140505-174019.jpg
The 2014 Red Bull SlopeSoakers continued to push the limits of what a pond skim competition could be. With sick tricks and crazy costumes this years comp lived up to the hype of being a great time in spring snow. 20140505-174009.jpg


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