Catching up: Pools, Biometrics, Space, Cannabis, and Our New Business

Driving between my current job, wholesale suppliers, and meetings with manufactures has given me time to call friends and family to catch up on current happenings. One thing that I noticed during these conversations is that some of our friends and family have no idea what Kim and I do for work out here in Colorado. I guess this is our own fault. We knew that a lot of folks depend on the Wandering Vines blog to keep up with us and we generally post things that we think they would enjoy seeing. So we post the things that we enjoy doing. You know, all the hanging out in the mountains stuff.  

So now allow me to take the opportunity to give you a brief description of what Kim and I do for work.

Kim works for several companies as their Director of Marketing. All of the companies are based in Golden, CO and are owned by the same gentleman. Kim got her start their nearly two years ago. A friend of ours (I actually went to high school with him) got Kim the job in customer service, where she started. She is happy to be moving in the direction of marketing and management, which were the focus of her studies at LSU’s business school. Kim’s current position has her working on a variety of markets, from the pool industry and wet area management to sports apparel and biometric technologies.

Update. They are now transitioning her into the Director of Operations role at one of the pool related e-commerce companies.

I work as the Special Projects Manager for a small engineering firm called Universal Controls. We also do business as Universal Grow Controls. Our focus is specialty gas systems. We design, manufacture and implement controls systems for gas delivery and the safety and monitoring systems to ensure that our projects are approved by local areas having jurisdiction. The work we do leads to clients that range from the aerospace industry, where we monitor the oxygen levels of rooms that house vacuums and extreme cold conditions to test the space-worthiness of micro chips, to Carbon Dioxide enrichment of warehouse sized cannabis grow facilities across Colorado. I am tasked with doing a ton of legal and technical reading and writing. I also get to do design work, mechanically and graphically. I’ve been there for a year and it has remained interesting throughout.

Together Kim and I have also started our own business. We are now producing sustainable outdoor gear that caters to environmentally conscious and creative rock climbers. Our brand name is Kush Climbing and we are just 1 month old, but have already been published in a business news site and are finalizing production on our first line of products. We really want this thing to take off so we can do it full time.  

These are exciting times and we are happy to share them with you.

I hope that you have enjoyed catching up with us. Please feel free to reach out and call if you have our numbers, or email us if you want to catch up or have any questions.

Thanks and talks soon,

Kyle and Kim Vines


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