Kush Climbing: Our Latest Adventure

Kim and I have started our own company. We’ve jump into the world of startups with a brand that’s philosophy revolves around quality, creativity, and sustainability. Kush Climbing and the Kush Crash Pad are the first incarnations of our entrepreneurial dreams. In only six weeks we made the first stages of our dream a reality.

It has taken so much work to get to this point. With the help of friends and family we have gotten further, faster, than I could have hoped possible. Well that’s not true. We have big dreams. We would like to be in full production right now. And we have all the pieces into place to do so. We have a supplier, manufacturer, designers, and most importantly, customers who have already opened their pocket books to pre-order our product.

We are in such an exciting position. We’re thrilled to work with our customers to make them the best possible product. And to think this all started with an idea and a 16 hour car ride from California to Denver. This is a whole new adventure and we are stoked to be on this crazy road with Kush Climbing.

Check out what people are saying about us. We’ve been published 3 time now! That is 1 every other week. We still can’t believe the response that we are receiving. We truly feel blessed.

Here is the latest.

Thanks for your continued support,

Kim and Kyle Vines


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